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Kerala, India
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Golden advertising adds glitter to the silver screen!

The world of cinema isn’t exclusive from the advertising realm. With many popular actors finding their footing on ads [John Travolta, Leonardo DiCaprio, Keanu Reeves, etc.] and then making their way up to the top. Many iconic ads have been inspired from movies, like FedEx - Delivery to Oz [Wizard of Oz], Audi – Horsehead [The Godfather],...

Just Plainspeaking!

When I was in sixth grade, my Mathematics teacher asked me, “What do you want to become?” “I want to be a writer." Boom! I answered almost instantly. There was only one motive behind the answer, I hated every subject other than languages, and I didn’t want her to trouble me with more tricky questions.  The...

Of all names why PlainSpeak?

PlainSpeaking is all about being brutally honest. Speaking without pretensions or prejudices. When a small, convinced team got together in 2014, resolved to restore the long-last spark in a game known as advertising, the name fitted well. Plainspeaking runs in us. Sugar-coating doesn’t come in our taste. And stretching a promising idea on the cross? Not...