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Just Plainspeaking!

Just Plainspeaking!

When I was in sixth grade, my Mathematics teacher asked me, “What do you want to become?”

“I want to be a writer.” Boom! I answered almost instantly.

There was only one motive behind the answer, I hated every subject other than languages, and I didn’t want her to trouble me with more tricky questions. 

The left hemisphere of my brain is barely functional. The truth is, even after years of torture by countless teachers, I still count with my fingers. So, here is the most intriguing question, when did I become interested in writing?

Here is the story. It was a pleasant morning at school, and my science teacher threw me out for taking a ‘power nap’ in the middle of her lecture. But during this punishment, something incredible happened. I started to think of kids like me, and I kept thinking until I reached home. Then, I grabbed a piece of paper and released my emotional turbulence on it. Yes, that was the birth of my first ever poem.

Unlike my classmates, choosing a career path was relatively easy for me, as I had neither interest nor good score in logical subjects. From the limited available options, I opted for mass communication and began my unapologetic creative journey.

In July 2016, I started my first real copywriting job at Plainspeak, and it was my gateway to the world of advertising. I still remember my first day at work. I was given a brief, and I was terrified. I didn’t know where to start even though it was comparatively a simple task. I felt like the lowest rung of the ladder. I thought I would be laughed at or kicked out – but to my surprise, nothing happened. People were cool, calm, and supportive. It was a good beginning, maybe the best.

Being five years with the team, I cannot help but wonder how much we have accomplished together. I have seen people getting married, having kids or having more kids, achieving new positions, finding new talents, winning awards, and zillion other things. Plainspeak has become a part of life or a way of life. Above all, Plainspeak taught me why plain- speaking matters in the pursuit of success.

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